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What do we mean by 100% Happy?

What does it mean to be 100% Happy when you order with OneTable? What standard do we set and how do we ensure that we meet your expectations - and ours?

Food for your table

At OneTable, we take our responsibility for picking and delivering your organic goodness very seriously.  We know we are picking food for your family and for your table.  

We are all busy, however some household tasks we like to do ourselves, no matter how busy we are.  For me it is baking: I prefer to make the cakes, muffins and sweet breads that my family eat, while for others the laundry might be the 'must-do' task.  It is personal and can change like the wind, but at some point we need to delegate a few household or family jobs ... or explode! (well ok, maybe not literally but it certainly can feel like it.).

Meal planning is generally something that needs to stay in house especially as family members can have particular needs.  In our house it is not so much needs as desires or tastes.  We have 2 who don't like cooked tomatoes and 4 who do, Ben and 2 children like cooked mushrooms -v- 3 who don't including myself who historically has had to leave the house to escape the smell of them cooking (the mushrooms, not Ben and 2 children...), 3 children who eat lettuce over spinach and 1 the other way around, I prefer not to drink cows milk and 5 others who go through litres of it.  And I don't really think we are a high food maintenance household compared to those who have allergies and intolerances or other particular food choices.  

So when you order for your OneTable home delivery (or pickup in Brookvale), you are 'delegating' a really important job to us.  You may select whether your order includes spinach or lettuce, but our team are the ones who actually pick it for you.  And that really is a big deal.

Our Standard

We have a very straight-forward standard when it comes to selecting your produce.  

"If we would not pick it for our family's table, we will not pick it for yours."  It is that simple.  

If a chard is not looking vibrant and fresh, it will not go out.  If the banana's are rock hard and green, they will not go out.* (Note of interest: green banana's that are not rock hard are great as they give you a few days and will ripen beautifully).  

We want you to be excited when you see your produce.  

We want you to feel good as you unpack your OneTable home delivery.

We want you to be assured that you are feeding your family well.

We want you to be able to use everything that you ordered, as you had planned.  

We want you to have one less thing to worry about.

We want you to be 100% Happy.

Humans Work Here

We have a great saying written up in the warehouse - "Humans work here".  This is a reminder to us that sometimes mistakes or errors of judgement are made.  We even had a new (young) team member who could never remember the difference between a peach and a nectarine.  Boy!  Wasn't that a fun week.

So while we try to eliminate those unnecessary errors, at the end of the day you need your family's organics delivered and if we have made a mistake, or if produce is not fantastic, we will fix it.

How does the 100% Happy Guarantee work?

We love feedback.  It is how we evolve and make OneTable even better.  And we thank you for being gracious in your feedback.  

There are several ways to let us know your comments, ask a question or let us know if something is not quite right:

  • email -
  • text - 0428 178 578
  • call - 02 8880 9220
  • drop in - 14/84 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale

If it is a delivery issue, we will work it through with our drivers to ensure you are not inconvenienced for too long.  

If the wrong item was included we will ensure the correct one is either sent to you or refunded to your account.

If the produce you received was not the quality that you would have picked yourself, we will correct it with either a replacement or refund.  It would be great if a photo could also be sent to us, so we can investigate further at our end and potentially with the producer.

Does the guarantee apply to everything?

We rely on your honesty and flexibility.   At OneTable we strive to do all we do with integrity, so we do expect the same consideration from our members.  Having said that, we will endeavour to correct any situation that has failed to meet your expectations.  It is pleasing to say there have not been many cases when we felt a member has really been unreasonable.  So thank you.

There are a couple of areas that we would ask you take into consideration:

Read the descriptions

We generally prefer to reject poor quality produce in the mornings and risk disappointing members with out of stocks then send out inferior produce.  However sometimes produce may be hard to come by so we will still stock produce that is quite fine to eat, but not necessarily beautiful to look at.  Or perhaps it is not quite the best of season, but all that is available.  When this is the case, we try to update the descriptions so you know what to expect.

A good example of this is Smoothie Banana's.  If you choose these banana's, and the description includes "some bruising", we ask members to be reasonable in their expectations of those banana's.  There will be some bruising.

Skin deep

The same goes for what is underneath the skin.  If you cut into something and it is not great, have a think about whether or not you could tell it was not great before you cut into it.  If you couldn't tell, chances are we couldn't either.  So have a think - would I have picked this out myself if I was shopping?  Am I expecting others to know this was not great under the skin, if I couldn't tell either?

Too much of a good thing

Don't forget to check your quantities before you check out.  For example, to get 3kg of oranges, members could potentially  (absentmindedly) order 3 x 3kg nets of oranges, instead of 1 x 3kg net of oranges.  Or even just not paying attention and ordering 500g of ginger instead of 50g.  

We don't have a crystal ball, so we are not to know if you made a mistake on your quantities or if you are actually wanting what you ordered.

100% Happy

We are completely sincere in wanting you, our members, to feel 100% Happy.  We offer it in good faith and with good intentions because we take our responsibility of providing food for your table seriously.

I hope you feel more comfortable in knowing what our standard is for selecting produce for you, and more able to order with confidence.

We are here to help, but most importantly, we are here to journey with you and your family to good health.






* These "not perfect" produce are not just thrown out by the way, we have a great process in place.  Read about it here.


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About the author

Judith has been a passionate organic foodie for more than 10 years.  She loves finding natural alternatives for anything from garden pests to cooking, from cleaning to skincare and is very honest about the idea that convenience is not always for the betterment of society.

Other passions for Judith include Ben, their 4 kiddos, her faith, camping and most things to do with gardens and salt water (not together!). 

Judith is also the co-founder of One Table, an organic food movement whose goals are to help others create healthy families, to recreate a fairer food system in Australia and globally, and to support farmers and producers who love what they do, which is giving back to the land by embracing organic and bio-dynamic practices. 

When Judith isn't writing blogs, doing the accounts, working in the One Table shop, or spinning the plates of a household of 6, she loves her hammock and a sassy Regency era novel.