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Watermelon - taste, colour and nutrition

One of Summer’s tastiest treats is a juicy, ripe slice of ice-cold organic watermelon. Containing over 90% water, it’s a great way to beat the heat and an ideal snack for busy families constantly on the go. It’s popular with little ones and it’s also easy for little hands to hold and eat, making it a staple picnic and party food for summertime.

This thirst-quenching relative of the pumpkin, squash and cantaloupe is also a low-fat powerhouse of nutrition. The nutritional facts on organic watermelon reveal that it contains many essential vitamins and minerals in varying amounts including high concentrations of vitamins A and C. But it doesn’t stop there.


Just like in organic red tomatoes and organic red peppers, lycopene is the nutrient that gives organic watermelon its intense ruby redness. In fact, there are higher concentrations of lycopene in organic watermelon than in any other fresh fruit or vegetable.

Lycopene has many benefits including protecting against certain cancers – particularly prostate cancer. Lycopene is also implicated for reducing the risk of heart disease and macular degeneration, as well as many other degenerative diseases.


If you can’t get your little ones to eat organic lima beans or organic spinach – both rich in potassium – chances are you won’t have a problem getting them to eat organic watermelon. Organic watermelon contains a healthy dose of potassium that is integral to maintaining the body’s electrolyte balance and natural pH levels. Potassium also stabilises high blood pressure and helps muscles and nerves function properly.


Another potent antioxidant found in organic watermelon, beta-carotene works in conjunction with the other antioxidants found in watermelon to protect your body from free radical damage. Beta-carotene is also a precursor to vitamin A which is critical to healthy immune system.

Maximizing the Nutrition in Organic Watermelon

Did you know that if you let your organic watermelon sit on the kitchen counter at room temperature for several days, it becomes even more nutritious? That’s what the U.S. Department of Agriculture concluded in their analysis of the nutritional value of watermelons.

Researchers measured lycopene and beta-carotene levels in fresh-from-the-vine watermelon. Then they measured the same nutrients in a watermelon that had been cut from the vine and stored at room temperature for 2 weeks. The results were astounding:

  • Lycopene levels in the cut watermelon rose by 20%
  • Beta-carotene levels rose by an average of 100%

Juicing Organic Watermelon

There are many health benefits of organic juicing and organic watermelon lends itself perfectly to this practice. Because organic watermelon is juicy and sweet to begin with, you get great bang for your buck when you juice a watermelon. Just wash your organic melon, cut it into pieces and run it through your juicer - rind and all. The rind will add nutritious chlorophyll to your juice.

You can also try adding a little organic lime or lemon juice to your watermelon juice to make tasty and healthy lemonade.

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About the author

Judith has been a passionate organic foodie for more than 10 years.  She loves finding natural alternatives for anything from garden pests to cooking, from cleaning to skincare and is very honest about the idea that convenience is not always for the betterment of society.

Other passions for Judith include Ben, their 4 kiddos, her faith, camping and most things to do with gardens and salt water (not together!). 

Judith is also the co-founder of One Table, an organic food movement whose goals are to help others create healthy families, to recreate a fairer food system in Australia and globally, and to support farmers and producers who love what they do, which is giving back to the land by embracing organic and bio-dynamic practices. 

When Judith isn't writing blogs, doing the accounts, working in the One Table shop, or spinning the plates of a household of 6, she loves her hammock and a sassy Regency era novel.