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Healthy Kids & Healthy Pancakes - You can have both

Growing kids need a rich dose of nutrients daily through seasonal wholefoods for their growing bodies. Breakfast within a modern diet usually consists of grain cereals, but the majority of these food-like products don’t resemble wholefoods. Rather, they are void of nutrition and can even exacerbate health conditions.


When preparing meals for your children they need to be balanced, which means including a source of good fats, a source of protein and some plant-based carbohydrates (vegetables) – and the priority goes in that order.


Protein can be thought of as the scaffolding of the body, it is essential for the structural components of all cells, which are rapidly growing and multiplying, especially in young children. Complete sources include all animal products, which are readily absorbable and also include legumes, nuts and seeds, these, however, may be less tolerated and harder to absorb, so it’s important they are prepared properly.


Fats are critical for growing brains and bodies. The first few years of life are of rapid growth and development. Toddlers lay down extensive amounts of neural tissue and visual development continues through to the age of six. Daily intake of dietary fat is critical during this time. Sources of good fats include pasture-raised eggs and pasture-raised dairy products (if tolerated); yoghurt, butter, ghee, kefir, as well as meats, cold water wild fish, avocado, coconut and extra virgin olive oil.


Below is a simple and texturally pleasing pancake recipe that kids love. It consists of three simple ingredients with room to experiment too. It is great for breakfasts and is lunchbox friendly.



  • 1-2 slightly semi-ripe bananas (Not overripe)
  • 2 medium pasture-raised eggs


  • Blend all ingredients together until you reach a batter consistency
  • Cook in pan with a little extra virgin coconut oil



Additional ingredients

  • A handful of organic berries for added phytonutrients
  • Green banana flour for gut-nourishing prebiotics
  • Cacao for an antioxidant chocolate spin


Optional Toppings

  • Passionfruit
  • Full-fat cream (pasture-raised)
  • Kefir yoghurt
  • Full-fat pasture-raised yoghurt
  • Local raw honey


Watch your kids’ behaviour and mood improve as well as their energy stabilise when you provide them with nutrient dense and balanced meals. It can be and often is, as simple as that. 

About the author

Samantha is a qualified Nutritionist and Herbalist based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

Through her studies and experiences, her most valuable realisation was that most of the time, less is more and that the constant striving for perfection, in any area of our lives, actually drives us further into chaos.

Samantha isn't into extremes and cherishes traditional methods of cooking with seasonal whole foods, as the foundation of health.

She is committed to discovering the underlying mechanisms of ill health and not falling into the trap of just treating the symptoms.