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The best way to get things done

Ever wondered why somethings are just so easy to start and others are just so hard!  I know I do.  

Whether it is a spring clean, a difficult but necessary book, or washing the car.  If you are doubtful that something will bring you value (insert pleasure, growth, insight, wealth, understanding, health) then we have already created a psychological barrier to starting that 'something'.

While I do not profess to any psychological training, I have many years in the school of life and one thing I have learnt, is that sometimes - indeed often - all we need to do to start something is to ... begin.

It is that simple ... and that difficult.  If you know you really, really don't want to do 'it' and 'it' isn't essential, can I suggest you let it go and move on.  But if it falls under either:

* I am required to complete it

* I don't want to but really know I should

then can I suggest you just begin.  

The perfect moment is now, the right timing is now.  Just begin and the rest will follow.

Judith x



About the author

Judith has been a passionate organic foodie for more than 10 years.  She loves finding natural alternatives for anything from garden pests to cooking, from cleaning to skincare and is very honest about the idea that convenience is not always for the betterment of society.

Other passions for Judith include Ben, their 4 kiddos, her faith, camping and most things to do with gardens and salt water (not together!). 

Judith is also the co-founder of One Table, an organic food movement whose goals are to help others create healthy families, to recreate a fairer food system in Australia and globally, and to support farmers and producers who love what they do, which is giving back to the land by embracing organic and bio-dynamic practices. 

When Judith isn't writing blogs, doing the accounts, working in the One Table shop, or spinning the plates of a household of 6, she loves her hammock and a sassy Regency era novel.