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This Week in Organics October 1st

It's 'that time of year' in the Organic cycle. This is something you only see in Organics and not in conventional produce. We are coming into the change-over cycle where winter things start to finish and summer things are yet to start.

Just Import It

That's what would happen in conventional produce...if it's not in season just import it from China or America. But that's not what happens in the Organic food market. Those who support the true heart of Organics, are not importing fresh produce. It is available but really, who wants it?  At One Table, if it's not local and in season we just don't eat it. That's the way it's suppose to be. Not everything is available all the time.

Can I encourage you to be OK with that, because that's the way our bodies are expecting it and how our natural environment works.


The state of produce right now

So like I mentioned we are getting to this in-between cycle. There are a few gaps, a few things that are limited and some items with lots of great supply. So let's run with it and be creative in what we can make with what we have. :)


Lot's of Celery, Carrots, Beetroot, Cabbage and Snow Pea's are available.Beans and Asparagus are in full season now and prices are down. New season Onion supply is plentiful as well.

Things that are limited: Early season Garlic supply is building so we should see some consistent supply for the near term. Cucumbers are available but supply is limited to one or two farms so prices are higher at present. There is a gap in Broccoli and Capsicum supply at present; we may be able to get someGreen Caps this week but not certain yet.


Apple season still stretches on. They are best stored in the fridge and will perish quickly if left out. We will keep an eye on quality and variety as the season moves on and may delete some varieties that aren't lasting. Granny Smiths are coming through with a lot of 'Bronzing' on the skin now. These are still great on the inside so you might want to peel them if the kids don't like the look.

We are getting towards the end of Navel Orange season and Valencia season is just starting. Valencia flavour is not as sweet so we will stay with the Navels as long as possible.  If you encounter too many hard, dry ones that's the time to swap varieties.

Packham pears still taste fantastic but do have some marks on the skin and can be a little wrinkled around the stem. It's that time of the season but flavours are still great.

Strawberry season is going strong right now. Supply is good and fantastic flavours.

Seedless Watermelon has started early this year.  Fllavours are nice and sweet and prices have started to come down. An early taste of Summer :)

Summer Fruit is still a little way off. As we get closer to Christmas we'll start to see Cherries and the summer stone fruit arrive. Until then the number of fruit options may dwindle slightly.

About the author

Ben is Co-Founder of OneTable - Organic Market and self confessed Tech Geek. 

Passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and loves connecting with those who toil away to grow or create the food that goes on our tables. 

Other passions include Judith, their 4 kids, his faith, surfing, snowboarding and a little bit of camping.