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Googa Organic Farms

Started in 1963 Googa Organic Farm produces Certified Organic Avocados, Zucchinis and Snow Peas.


Interestingly you'll hear from Anthony at Googa Organic Farm how he compares growing organically to conventionally and how organic farms benefit the local community more. Something we talked about recently in the 7 reasons to eat organic


Have a watch it's 90 seconds.

This is what we're currently buying from Googa


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About the author

Ben is Co-Founder of OneTable - Organic Market and self confessed Tech Geek. 

Passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and loves connecting with those who toil away to grow or create the food that goes on our tables. 

Other passions include Judith, their 4 kids, his faith, surfing, snowboarding and a little bit of camping.