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This Week in Organics September 17th

We searched over hill and dale to find you Onions and Garlic.

We heard you loud and clear over the last week or so. Where are the brown onions and garlic? Victorian Onion season finished and we expected about a 1 month gap in supply until Queensland season started. Well we scoured every source we could until we turned up a grower in Queensland whose season has just started. 

And bonus, some more Garlic has arrived also! Not the mild Russian Garlic, we have the proper Italian style purple stripe garlic available for you this week. Rejoice!

Special Note on (very early season) Onions

The onions are really young, just out of the ground without their 2 weeks curing time.  This just means they are oval and gold rather than round and brown.  Their flavour is not effected, but it is best to store them in a dry and well ventilated space to further their curing time.

Snow Pea's $16.99 *SUPER SPECIAL* 

Ok, those of you who've been ordering for a while will remember I once over ordered the snow pea's by 5x and I offered you a ridiculous super special to make sure we didn't waste them. I still remember some of you ordering whole 1kg bags of them.

Well through a combination of events not entirely of my own making we have this to offer you again. $16.99/kg when they are normally nearly $30/kg! Jump in this week it won't last long.

Organic Puff Pastry
Seriously, we have organic Puff Pastry in stock now. We are super excited to bring you this product because so many of the conventional brands have MARGARINE as one of the ingredients. Eek!!

Mojo's On Special Save $6.00/case + 2 new flavours
Dive in and stock up on Mojo's Kombucha for the holidays. Save $0.50 per bottle and a full $6.00 per case for this week. Plus there are two new flavours. Turmeric Trio and Strawberry Hibiscus.

Apple Season Update
We are almost at the tail end of Apple season and both supply and quality will start to wane. This is normal in the Organic Apple Cycle. No dips or sprays, no wax. Just goodness!

Flavour is still pretty good across the range but over the coming weeks you'll start to see a few more marks or blemishes and this is ok. We should be skeptical of the "perfection" seen in conventional produce. 

Tip #1: Store your apples in the fridge. They won't last long out of the fridge.
Tip #2: If you receive something that isn't right don't hesitate to let us know.

Spinach Leaves
The recent storm event in Victoria played havoc with the supply of baby spinach leaves last week but we are expecting their return this week.

Fresh Pineapples
Have arrive and flavours have been pretty good for early season. Sizing is small to medium at present.

More fresh Veg and Herb varieties available
We've been expanding our fresh veg and herb options for your cooking pleasure. Squash, Taro, Mint, Asparagus and Purple Sweet Potato are all on the list. ** Note the photo on the website is NOT Purple but we'll update it ASAP.

About the author

Ben is Co-Founder of OneTable - Organic Market and self confessed Tech Geek. 

Passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and loves connecting with those who toil away to grow or create the food that goes on our tables. 

Other passions include Judith, their 4 kids, his faith, surfing, snowboarding and a little bit of camping.