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This Week in Organics August 20th

With all this warm weather around I start thinking about lazy breakfasts with smashed Avocado and Feta on toast...

So this week we are offering you Avocado's at just $2.99 each. And if you're not ready to let go of Winter just yet we have Jap Kent Pumpkin also just $2.99/kg.  Also great with Feta in a salad.

Strawberries are still on special at just $6.99 (they are soo good right now we really want to share them around) and Broccoli still holding at only $9.99.

Other Produce Updates

Mandarins - the Affour variety is arriving this week, still easy peel which is great.

Ruby Grapefruits - have you tried these? Incredible! Tart and sweet, just amazing and super good for you.

Oranges - if you haven't tried or stocked up on the Oranges from Fat Goose you are missing out. They are our favourite Citrus grower of the season and grow a truly amazing Navel Orange.

Lebanese Cucumber - supply is very tight at the moment but we may get a little and we'll activate them the moment we know. Plenty of English cuc's available to see you through.

Green leafy's - quality is pretty good right now although the green kale bunches are a little smaller at present but springy and firm.

Don't miss out on the Avocado and Pumpkin specials this week.

About the author

Ben is Co-Founder of OneTable - Organic Market and self confessed Tech Geek. 

Passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and loves connecting with those who toil away to grow or create the food that goes on our tables. 

Other passions include Judith, their 4 kids, his faith, surfing, snowboarding and a little bit of camping.