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What people are saying

"It's not only the convenience and freshness that keeps me coming back, but the first class customer service which is exceptional!"

"Good morning Ben and the team

I just wanted to thank you for my first order. I've been ordering for years from various organic suppliers and the fruit and veg you delivered today was hands down the best quality I've ever received. And from what I've tasted so far...delish! And as someone who is already a convert to Shiralee meats it’s great to be able to order them through you.
Thank you again

Thank you so much, I have been shopping organically for 27 years now (eek) and am really so delighted with the quality and service. Love the personal feel, I know the drivers name and have his number, the txt you send re delivery ordering etc. I really think you should be happy with the model, but it all comes back to the produce, and it was indeed wonderful.
Effusively yours :)

"I am constantly amazed by the customer service you all provide! It’s above and beyond! Thank you so much."

"I am so happy with the service, it's above and beyond any other service I have used. The produce has exceeded my expectations, from the fruit and veg to the meat, no complaints here! It's as "nice" as the conventional produce but organic, and the price is very reasonable. I have been recommending it to my friends and I myself came by the service through a recommendation from a friend who is also thrilled with it."

"I loved my order. The food was wonderful and fresh, it's lasting me ages and I didn't expect to get so much food for the price I paid. I'll definitely be back."

"I have been meaning to write to say Thank You!!!!! for a while. I love, love, love your ordering service. I used to do so much running around for shopping and being able to get such great quality fruit, veg and meat delivered makes my week every time. I really like your website, so easy and straight forward. And the biggest thank you to the guys who deliver our groceries. Sometimes we are the last lot of the day and despite freezing cold, terrible traffic everybody is always friendly and pulls out their last good spirits when they say hi and bye. That makes such a difference!!!"