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Purchasing Principles

Our goal is to bring you 100% Certified Organic products. We want to be very transparent about what you are buying so there is no chance for confusion or misleading. 

There are many sites that will sell you 'organic products' without them being certified. We are not one of those. There is a big different between claiming organic and being certified or even claiming to be chemical free. We even wrote this post about it.

All of the products on OneTable with a small set of exceptions are genuine certified organic products all independently audited and accredited to assure you of their purity. In addition we assess every product listed on OneTable against our own 7 step curation process that looks at ingredients, origin, packaging and more.

Some products however cannot be certified organic. There are three area's this can be so.


Three areas of un-certifyable products

In-Organic Products

These are products that are not 'grown' or are elemental in nature. This includes Salt and Baking Powder.

Wild Products

Products that are wild caught like fish cannot be certified organic because they were raised and caught in their natural environment and therefore their history cannot be tracked and certified. This includes the tinned and canned sustainably managed fish that we carry.


Household Products

These really fall under the 'in-organic category and include things like parchment paper and trashbags. We select these products based on their lack of toxicity compared with conventional versions of similar products.


Free Range Pork & Chicken

At present there is almost no certified organic pork available in Australia and as such we have gone to great lengths to ensure the products we have made available are the purest readily available. In the same way certified organic chicken is not in consistently available supply and so we are listing some very high quality free range chicken products to supplement our range.


Certified Organic Options

Where a certified organic product becomes available where there previously was not one we will always switch to the certified product.