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Our Core Values

Have you spent much time thinking about what values drive your purchasing choices? Or what values the brands you buy, use to base their choices on?

This video unpacks what our values are, what drives us and what we see are our responsibilities to you, to our farmers and producers, and to the planet.



We're Ben and Judith Jackson, founders of One Table. We wanted to share with you the values that really define us as a business. Our core values are the pillars of everything that we do.

They are: Authenticity, Transparency, Sustainability, and Healthy families.

Our core values are woven into everything we do; All our conversations and our interactions, whether it's with our suppliers, our team members, or even their members.


For us, being authentic is about upholding the principles and the passions of the Organic movement in all that we do. The organic movement is about more than just eating chemical-free. It's about taking care of the soil and our planet, and it's about taking care of each other. We feel to be authentic, we have to embody all of those principles into everything we do, whether it's our relationships or our conversations, but especially in our product selection.


If authenticity is about upholding the values of the Organic movement, then transparency is being very clear, very intentional. It's about displaying openness in all that we do; in our thinking, in our philosophy, in our relationships. It's kind of like wearing our heart on our sleeve. I don't really feel we can be authentic without being transparent. If a product is claimed as being organic, well we just know that, that just opens up a whole spectrum of quality. You've got the producers who are really passionate and true to the Organic movement, then you've got those who just scrape across the line to be certified organic, and then you've got those who just claim to use organic ingredients.

At One Table, we just feel it's really important to be very transparent in how we source our products. Where do they come from? What's in them? How are they produced? What is the philosophy behind the producers who made them?


We really feel that one of the foundations of organics is about stewardship, it's about caring for our land and the resources that we have been given. But just because we're not doing the farming doesn't mean that we shouldn't be upholding those same ideals as well. For us we have a responsibility in that area, whether it's the trucks that we use, our reusable delivery packaging, not using polystyrene. We need to uphold those same values of stewardship and responsibility as well and becoming a sustainable business.

Healthy Families

We started One Table because of our families' journey from sickness to health, and we saw the results that eating organically has done for us, and we're just passionate about wanting to share it with others. Whether you're single or married, with children or without children, we're all part of a family, and we all know the importance of good health on this journey of life. Just know that at One Table all that we do is with the aim of helping you to create a healthy family, no compromises.


In a changing world, our core values help us to remain focused on who we are and what we're trying to achieve together. From our table to yours, and from our family to yours, we look forward to walking this journey together.

We hope you connect with our Core Values and would love your thoughts and feedback on your values around Organic. What do you hold most important when it comes to Organic choices?